What is general liability insurance

First let’s talk about what general liability covers.

General Liability insurance covers bodily injury and property ┬ádamage to a third Rd there are some supplementary converages available but for the most part you’re buying bodily injury and property damage coverage.

So that’s what we’re talking about this video. These injuries or this property damage can result for your ongoing operations.
It can also result from your completed operations.

Here’s what general liability is not. general Liability is not tools and equipment coverage. You need an inland marine for that.

It’s not going to cover your commercial vehicles. There are separate policies for that. For you’re injured employees your going to want to have a workers compensation policy.

General liability Exclusions

There are 15 standard exclusions in all general liability policies and we’re gonna go through those one by one. First of all insurance is for accidents it’s not for things that you expected or intended to happen. You can’t just go out and assume liability in a contract and expected it to be coverd, contractual liabilities excluded. However there are a few exceptions to that,
particularly indemnification agreements. Those are very important part of construction contracts and those are considered ensured contracts.

It does not cover any licour liability. It’s not gonna cover, as we already said, workers compensation or employers liability. You want a workers comp policy for that.
It’s not gonna cover polution coverage. There is a limited amount of pollution coverage in your general liability policy but for pollution coverage
you’re going to want to get a commercial pollution polcy.

Aircraft, watercraft and autos, those are all covered under separate policies.
On your mobile equiptment it will cover your liability while you’re using it on the job site but not if you’re driving the equiptment down the road or in transit.

It does not cover Acts of war. Other property damage exclude exclusion, that’s excluding damage to your property. it’s not excluding damage to a
third parties property. There is coverage or property damage to a 3rd party. It does not cover your works or your products. What I mean by that is it only covers damage that results from your work or from your products it does not cover damage to your work or to your products.

Probably the last three exclusions

It’s not gonna cover property damage to property that was already damaged

It’s not going to cover your product recalls.
Finally they do exclude the personal injury but then they do end up adding that later back later in the policy. So there is personal injury coverage in the policy.